Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Papaya Salad With Crap - How To Cook Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad with crap/Som Tam (ส้มตำ)

Papaya Salad is the favorite spicy salad in Thailand. The original of papaya salad is from Laos, called Tam Mak Hoong. The tested of Papaya salad is sour and spicy (Som : sour in Thai’s northeast language). Papaya Salad is contained with more vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E in papaya and vitamin C in chili and lime. Papaya Salad always served with sticky rice and grilled chicken.
How to Cook Papaya Salad with Crap
3 chilies
3 garlic
1 tomato (sliced)
1 eggplant (sliced)
1 fermented crab
some chopped papaya
1 tbsp. fish sauce
2 pieces lemon
1 tsp. sugar
1. Pound chilies and garlic together then add sliced tomato, eggplant and fermented crap.
2. Add fish sauce, lemon, sugar and chopped papaya then mixed all the ingredients together.
3. Served with sticky rice and grilled chicken (^_^)


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  2. Ingredients are not hard to find here in Pennsylvania but the fermented crab is. Can you send some links to purchase this crab?