Sunday, May 2, 2010

ฺBua Loi - บัวลอย (Thai Rice Ball with Coconut Cream)

Bua Loi – บัวลอย (Thai Rice Ball with Coconut Cream)

Bua Loi (Thai Rice Ball with Coconut Cream) is the one kind of Thai dessert. The main ingredient of Bua Loi is glutinous rice flour and coconut cream. Bua Loi is the menu for dinner and it is easy to cook it.
How To Cook Bua Loi

Glutinous rice flour – 50 g.
Pandan essence – 2 tbsp.
Water – 1 cup
Sugar – 250 g.
Coconut Cream ½ cup
Salt – ¼ cup
3 Eggs
- Mix the water with sugar and boil in the medium heat, blend the wait until the water become tothe syrup.

- Mix the glutinous rice flour 25 g. with water and 25 g. with pandan essence and knead it together.

- Knead the flour to the little balls and boil it with the syrup in the medium heat, wait until done then boil the eggs in the syrup too.
- Boil the coconut cream with salt in the low heat.

- Dip the ball and eggs in the bowl and put the coconut cream on top.

*** Tip*** You can change the color of the rice ball following:
Yellow – Pumpkin
White – Taro
Orange – Carrot

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